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TOUGHFAN 14 Pro High Static Pressure PC Cooling Fan (2-Fan Pack)

TOUGHFAN 14 Pro High Static Pressure PC Cooling Fan (2-Fan Pack)


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Our premier TOUGHFAN 14 Pro features an advanced blade design that provides stronger airflow and static pressure, making it ideal for high-performance applications such as chassis, air and liquid cooling, and heavy-duty operations. Furthermore, its tight tip clearance design helps to reduce airflow leakage and improve overall air intake
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New Engineered Fan Blade

The TOUGHFAN 14 Pro, a new and improved version of the classic TOUGHFAN, boasts several enhancements. It features 9 extended and widened fan blades, which guarantee exceptional airflow and static pressure for enhanced cooling performance. Additionally, the fan blades are meticulously crafted from Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), a material that effectively minimizes vibrations when operating at maximum speed.

Built for Superior Cooling

The TOUGHFAN Pro is designed for all cooling applications. It's the perfect go-to solution, whether you're using it as a radiator fan or on an air cooler. Level up your cooling performance with the TOUGHFAN Pro for superior results.


Optimized Metal-Reinforced Motor Hub

By improving the Motor Hub for TOUGHFAN Pro, we have upgraded its structure. As a result, the fan now features a full steel motor hub and a newly designed full copper housing around the bearing. This enhancement unleashes the fan's complete capabilities, ensuring unmatched stability and durability during operation.

The 2nd Generation Hydraulic Bearing

The 2nd generation hydraulic bearing incorporates a new shaft design with inside etches allowing preservation of lubricant on both sides whilst reducing noise during operation. Lowering audible levels and extending lifespan.

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