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TOUGHAIR 710 Black CPU Cooler

TOUGHAIR 710 Black CPU Cooler


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TOUGHAIR 710 Black is constructed with a Dual-Tower Dual Fan Design for the latest Intel and AMD CPUs, allowing the two 140mm fans to perform the best possible cooling and kicking the TOUGHAIR series up a notch for the latest CPUs.
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Keep to the Shadows

If you like the classical vibe without RGB, look closer!
The hint of color within the shadow is our TOUGHAIR 710 Black, with a new color palette for you to choose from. Pairing with all black color components, you can build a toned-down look that sure to draw everyone’s attention.

Double Them All

TOUGHAIR 710 Black is designed for the latest Intel and AMD CPUs, which needs the best possible cooling solution, so we doubled everything and came up with the Dual-Tower Dual Fan Design; it allows the two 140mm fans to push air cooling performance even further, exceeding all previous TOUGHAIR series models.

Lower Noise but More Powerful

TOUGHAIR 710 Black leverages the TOUGHFAN 14 design, so the fan can provide an airflow of 81.96 CFM and a static pressure of 1.81 mm-H2O while keeping the noise level at 23.9 dB-A. So you won’t have to choose between cooling power and acoustics.

Larger Heat Dissipation Area

We have also extended the fin stack so there’s more heat dissipation area to ensure the best cooling result. Along with the significant asymmetric fin structure of the TOUGHAIR Series, no doubt that if you’re looking for a boost on your air cooler, TOUGHAIR 710 Black won’t let you down.

148.6 mm

The Ultimate Cooling Solution

TOUGHAIR 710 Black features a copper base with anti-corrosive nickel plating that covers all seven black Ø6mm U-shape copper heat pipes, resulting in even heat distribution from the heat source, providing exceptional heat dissipation even with high-performance CPUs.

Flexible Adjustment of Fan Position

By adjusting the fan position, you can easily match the height of the memory and enjoy unlimited cooling performance.

*The front fan can be lifted up to fit the RAM height of 48mm, but the product height will be increased to 188.5mm.
** The RAM clearance does not include CPU height

Any CPU Can Be the Right CPU

TOUGHAIR Series are designed to fit Intel and AMD sockets including the following models:

Intel: LGA 2066/2011/2011-3/1700/1200/1156/1155/1151/115