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The Tower 300 Bubble Pink Micro Tower Chassis

The Tower 300 Bubble Pink Micro Tower Chassis


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The Tower 300 Bubble Pink is an m-ATX case with a classic vertical case design and comes in an octagonal prism shape. It supports up to a 420mm AIO radiator on the right side and can accommodate up to eight 120mm/140mm fans. With a separately sold Chassis Stand Kit, users can enjoy a unique view with a special horizontal placement.
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The Tower 300 Bubble Pink

The Legacy Continues.

The Legacy Continues

As the newest edition of the Tower Series, the Tower 300 Bubble Pink inherited the classic vertical design but was updated with a new octagonal prism shape to meet today’s aesthetics. It may be small but it sure can pack a punch with support for up to 400mm GPUs, 420mm AIOs, and up to a 220mm PSU. If cooling is a concern then the Tower 300 Bubble Pink has you covered with being able to accommodate up to eight 120mm or 140mm fans. Also did someone say upgrades, well the Tower 300 Bubble Pink has optional 3.9” LCD screen kits as well as Horizontal Chassis stands sold separately so your build comes out exactly how you want it to.

Classic Vertical Body Design

The Tower series has been iconic for its vertical body designs and The Tower 300 Bubble Pink follows in those footsteps. However, with its new octagonal prism design we were able to not only increase the viewing areas for the components inside but also allow for better airflow and bigger cooling options too. This gives The Tower 300 Bubble Pink the classic looks of its predecessors but with even better performance and updated styling.

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A Unique View

Our optional Horizontal Chassis Stand Kit comes not only with the stand itself but also included is a replacement bottom cover to delete the feet and provide a clean look.

How to install:
1. Unscrew the original feet located on the base of the chassis
2. Install the new bottom cover of the chassis and carefully place The Tower 300 Bubble Pink on the stand
*Note: It is recommended to position the radiator higher than the AIO pump.

Learn More About Chassis Stand Kit

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Maximum Radiator Support

Supporting up to a 420mm AIO radiator on the right side of the case the Tower 300 is ready for some of the most demanding hardware. And to assist that AIO with optimal chassis temperature is the ability to mount up to eight 120mm or 140mm fans.

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Tool Free Panels for Easy Access

The Tower 300 Bubble Pink features three 3mm tempered glass panels on the front and two perforated panels on each side. All are easily removable without tools.

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Two CT140 Fans Pre-installed

The Tower 300 Bubble Pink features two 140mm PWM fans on the top to provide good cooling performance.

Complete your build with CT series fans

Really like the look of the CT fans and want to complete your build with them, then just click on the links below. Our new CT series fans come in a variety of sizes, color options, and LED or Non-LED options to fit what came with your chassis or the look you are going for.

Customize your Chassis with a New Display

Maximize your Tower 300 Bubble Pink’s visual effects by upgrading it with our LCD Screen Kit.

The 3.9” LCD Display allows you to monitor real-time information and upload any images or GIFs to add extra flair using the TT RGB Plus 2.0 software. It also allows you to interact with the cooling components that feature the same LCD displays. The latest version includes weather mode and time mode for users to expand the usage of our LCD displays.

The image is for reference only.

Personalize Your LCD Display

Through the TT RGB Plus 2.0, the 3.9'' LCD display presents real-time information and plays JPG and GIF files with 128*480 resolution. What’s more is users can even show the time and weather information on the display, bringing great visual aesthetics and highly customizable functions to your Tower 300 Bubble Pink chassis.

Easy Installation

The Tower 300 Bubble Pink comes with a dedicated fan/AIO bracket on the right side of the chassis and is fully removable for easy installation. No more awkwardly holding fans and AIOs to mount to a chassis, just removed the bracket and mount your choice of fans or AIO and then easily remount the bracket into the chassis and you are all set to go.

Intake and Exhaust

Classic to the vertical body design The Tower 300 Bubble Pink does well when it comes to staying cool. With dedicated intakes positioned to bring in cold fresh air and exhausts set up to vent the air the chassis has already processed providing optimal temperatures at all times.

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Perfect Dust Protection

The Tower 300 Bubble Pink has well-designed filters on the top, rear, inner sides, and inner bottom layer to protect the system from dust.

Excellent Hardware Support & Cooling Solutions

Space for Your Storage

The Tower 300 Bubble Pink can support up to three 2.5‘’ SSDs or three 3.5‘’ HDDs.

Handy I/O Ports

One USB 3.2 (Gen 2) Type-C and two USB 3.0 ports are placed on the top panel to grant direct access when needed.

Dismantlable Modular Design

No more unreachable screw corners or gaps, installation can be a breeze with our Dismantlable Modular Design.

All-in-One Cooling Compatibility List

All-in-One Cooling Compatibility List

  120mm 240mm 360mm 140mm 280mm 420mm
Top - - - - - -
Right Side
Rear - - - - - -

Fan Support List

Fan Support List

  120mm 140mm 200mm
Top 2 2 -
Right Side 3 3 -
Rear 2 2 -
PSU Cover 1 1 -