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Massive 12 Max

Massive 12 Max


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Massive 12 Max is a high-performance notebook cooler is designed for users that are looking for high cooling demands and wish to keep their laptops cool all the time. It’s equipped with one 120mm and four 80mm LED fans providing an outstanding amount of airflow; it can also supports laptop sizes of up to 17 inches while providing a 2-stage riser that can elevate the laptop to fit a more comfortable typing angle.
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Equipped with 5 LED Fans
Massive 12 Max is equipped with one 120mm LED fan that can provide an airflow of 34 CFM and four 80mm LED fans that each produces an airflow of 36.6 CFM, maximizing its overall cooling ability and providing a great visual aesthetic.

Conditional Power Supply Design

Massive 12 Max has two USB-A 3.0 ports. Under its sufficient power supply, users can attach another device while powering this notebook cooler by plugging in only the USB-A 3.0 cable.

Futuristic Geometry Design

Massive 12 Max adopts a futuristic, technical style and design with a geometric approach, adding on the steel mesh and lighting fans to represent a philosophical idea of modern art. The non-slip fix pad can help support the laptop's weight, allowing users enjoy different typing angels easily.

Ergonomic Design

Massive 12 Max has a 2-stage riser that can adjust the notebook cooler to three different angles (3°, 9°, 13°) to provide comfortable typing positions and add additional airflow beneath the notebook cooler.