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Toughpower XT Gold 1475W


• Compliance with Intel ATX 12V 2.3 & SSI EPS 12V 2.92 standards.
• 80 PLUS Gold certified – extreme efficiency PSU series with 87-93% efficiency @ 20-100% load to cut down electric cost.
• 24/7 @ 50℃: Guaranteed to deliver 1475W continuous power even in the worst chassis conditions up to 50℃ internal chassis temperature.
• S.P.T. Indicator: PSU status monitor with 3-mode LED (standby / PG signal / temperature) will let you know if there's a problem before it becomes a bigger problem or even ceases function.
• High quality 105°C Japanese capacitors: ensure superb performance and reliability.
• 105°C Solid state capacitors: great stability at higher operating temperatures, frequencies and currents.
• Full Bridge & LLC resonance circuit with DC-DC module for extremely stable performance & reliability
• Interleaved PFC circuit provides extremely high PF value and high PSU efficiency.
• Smart Fan Control system optimize the thermal performance and minimize audible noise.
• High current massive +12V rails : robust dual +12V rails design providing up to 55A for 12V1 & 75A for 12V2. This ensures there is plenty of power on demand and ready for any need.
• Heavy-gauge 16 AWG High Current cable at PCI-Express connectors reduce conducted resistance, increasing efficiency and improving power delivery ensuring your high performance graphics cards get the power they need when they need it!
•Multi-GPU ready: 8 x PCI-E connectors support up to 4-way ATI CrossFire & Nvidia SLI.
• Auto switching circuitry for universal AC input from 90-264V.
• Heavy-duty protection circuitry of Over Current, Over Power, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, and Short-Circuit protection. Helps protect your components should a problem arise.
• Safety / EMI Approvals: CE, TUV, FCC, UL, CUL, GOST and BSMI certified.

Technology Features

High Quality Japanese Made Electrolytic & Solid Capacitors
Toughpower XT GOLD features 105℃/221℉ Japanese made electrolytic capacitors & solid state capacitors with low ESR, which greatly improves the durability and offers the highest stability and reliability.
Full Bridge & LLC Resonance and Interleaved PFC Circuit Design
Toughpower XT GOLD adopts full bridge & LLC resonance circuit for extremely stable performance & reliability. Besides, built in the interleaved PFC circuit, Toughpower XT GOLD also provides extremely high PF value and high PSU efficiency.
S.P.T. Indicator: Quick Status Monitor

When you open the side panel of your chassis or look through the side window, you can see the PSU status quickly and easily. S.P.T indicator with 3-mode LED (standby / power good signal  / temperature) for real-time monitoring over the power supply.

It helps the user to know the PSU working status, detect abnormal situations and protect your system
Indicator Color Power Supply Status
Standby Green  Normal +5VSB output
Off Abnormal +5VSB output
PG Signal Green Normal Power-Good signal
Red Abnormal power-Good signal
Temperature Green PSU not overheating (<100℃) 
Red PSU overheating  (>100℃)
Robust & Dedicated +12V Output
Powerful dual +12V rails to provide the best compatibility for your PC.
Modular Cable Management
Cable management design improves internal airflow and reduce clutter by allowing removal of unneeded cable sets instead of hiding them.
12V Rails Distribution
24 PIN Main Connector 12V1
4+4pin +12V  CPU Connector 12V1
8pin +12V  CPU Connector 12V1
Peripheral & Floppy Connector 12V1
S-ATA  Connector 12V1
6+2pin Modular PCI-E Connector x 6 12V2
8pin Modular PCI-E Connector x 2 12V2
Hybrid SLI / CrossFire X & Intel C6 State mode support :
  For best compatibility For C6 state CPU & Hybrid GPU mode  
C6 State CPU Mode

CPU load range from Max. to only 1W.

Nvidia & ATI/AMD multi graphic cards configuration

Hybrid mode will cause graphic cards load range from Max. to only 1W. Toughpower XT GOLD & PLATINUM series are able to maintain an ultra tight DC regulation to support the C6 state CPU mode and the hybrid graphic card power saving mode by its ZERO LOAD (0W) Design.

Fan Speed & Noise Level

Smart Fan control circuitry design, which offers three distinct operation modes, fanless mode, silent mode, and cooling mode. The Toughpower XT 1475W automatically adjusts fan mode and speed according to the ambient temperature level. This new design not only optimizes heat dissipation, but also keeps the most silent operation for your system by reducing unnecessary fan rotation.

ECO Design

80 Plus GOLD Certified

Toughpower XT Gold 1475W saves energy through its high energy efficiency up to 93% and is 80 PLUS Gold certified

ErP Ready
Toughpower XT 1475W fulfils the EU guideline for ErP (Energy-Related Products) that are scheduled to apply starting in 2010.

Supports Energy Star 5.0* energy standard:
Toughpower XT 1475W is suitable for use in Energy Star-compatible computers.

Supports Intel Deep Power Down C6 Status:
Toughpower XT 1475W helps your PC system operate more efficiently by supporting the newest power states introduced by Intel.

Corresponds to the EU directives on WEEE and RoHS:
Thermaltake considers its full impact on the environment during manufacturing and maintains green facilities to ensure Toughpower XT 1475W meets WEEE & RoHS requirements.


Output Specification

AC INPUT Input Voltage: 115V - 230V
Input Current: 115Vac / 15A max.
Frequency: 47Hz - 63Hz
DC OUTPUT +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V +5VSB
Max Output Current 25A 25A 55A 75A 0.8A 4A
Max Output Power 150W 660W 900W 9.6W 20W
Continuous Power 1475W

Total Output Connector

Main Power
(24 PIN)
EPS / ATX 12 Connector (4+4PIN)
EPS 12V Connector (8 PIN)
Peripheral Cionnector (4PIN)
FDD Connector (4 PIN)
SATA Connector (5 PIN)
PCI-E Connector (6+2PIN)
PCI-E Connector (8 PIN)
TPX-1475M 1 1 1 6 1 16 6 2

Model Connector Type Connectors & Cable length
1475W 24pin 1 x 24pin Main connector (550mm)    
EPS/ATX 12V 4+4pin 1 x EPS/ATX 12V 4+4pin connector (550mm)
EPS 12V 8pin 1 x EPS 12V 8pin connector (550mm)
Molex & SATA 4 x Peripheral connectors (550mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm)

4 x S-ATA & 1 x Peripheral connectors (550mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm) 
4 x S-ATA & 1 x Peripheral connectors (550mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm)
4 x S-ATA connectors (550mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm)
4 x S-ATA connectors (550mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm)

PCI-E 6+2pin PCI-E connector (550mm)
6+2pin PCI-E connector (550mm)
6+2pin PCI-E connector (550mm)
6+2pin PCI-E connector (550mm)
1 x 8pin & 1 x 6+2pin PCI-E connectors (550mm + 150mm)
1 x 8pin & 1 x 6+2pin PCI-E connectors (550mm + 150mm)

Total Protection

Voltage Source Over Current Protection Over Voltage Protection Under Voltage Protection
Protection Point Protection Point Protection Point
+3.3V 33A ~ 50A 4.5 Vmax. 2.0 Vmin.
+5V 33A ~ 50A 7.0 Vmax. 3.3 Vmin.
+12V 135A~185A 15.6 Vmax. 8.5 Vmin
Over Power Protection: Protection  at 110%~150% full  load
Short Circuit Protection: All output to GND.