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CTE E600 MX Hydrangea Blue Mid Tower Chassis

CTE E600 MX Hydrangea Blue Mid Tower Chassis


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Coming in as the newest addition to the CTE Line up we have the E600 MX Hydrangea Blue, focused on both delivering great thermal performance as well as stunning good looks on top. Featuring three different GPU mounting options as well as interchangeable dual front panels to provide either a clean tempered glass aesthetic or high airflow mesh performance.
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T h e r m a l t a k e

CTE E600 MX Hydrangea Blue

Where Flexibility Meets Performance

For our CTE E600 MX Hydrangea Blue we wanted to provide as many options as possible to build your system the way you want. Built with features such as three different GPU mounting points, two interchangeable front panels, and dual chambers for maximum flexibility. On the cooling side the E600 MX Hydrangea Blue is able to support up to 420mm AIO radiators on the front, rear, and side mounts as well as up to fourteen 120mm fans or twelve 140mm fans. (400mm riser cable included)

Dual Interchangeable Front Panels

Included with the CTE E600 MX Hydrangea Blue, are one Tempered Glass panel to match the side panel and provide a panoramic view as well as a perforated panel for configurations that want as much airflow as possible. Accenting the interchangeable front panels is a fan tray capable of accepting up to 420mm AIO radiators and 360mm Distro Plates, as well as being fully removable for an open clean view into the chassis.

The image is for reference only.

Display It Your Way: Three-way GPU Installation

There are three different ways to mount your GPU:
1.Floating GPU: Placing the GPU in the middle of the chassis by using the enclosed floating GPU bracket and pre-configured 400mm long PCI-e 4.0 riser cable
2.Up Right: Hanging the GPU vertically
3.Up Right Forward: Placing it up-right with the graphics card facing forward to the side panel on the rotational PCI-e slots

Floating GPU

Up Right

Up Right Forward

PCI-e 4.0 Riser Cable Included (400mm)

The CTE E600 MX Hydrangea Blue comes with a 400mm PCI-e 4.0 Riser Cable to make best use of the three different GPU mounting options. Offering up to 16GT/s and supporting up to 64 GB/s (bi-directional) data transmission, the E600 MX Hydrangea Blue is ready for the most demanding of GPUs. Did we also mention the floating bracket also has three separate mounting points, so your GPUs is always centered.

The image is for reference only.

Maximum Radiator Support

The CTE E600 MX Hydrangea Blue offers multiple mounting locations and plenty of room to create your own configurations. DIY radiators up to 420mm in length can be installed on the front, rear, bottom and M/B side, and for AIO compatibility, up to 420mm/360mm radiators can be installed on the front, rear and M/B side, giving PC enthusiasts plenty of flexibility to create their ideal setup.

CTE Form Factor

Designed by Thermaltake

The focus for CTE (Centralized Thermal Efficiency) was to provide a high level of thermal performance by altering our approach to traditional case design. The result was a design that utilizes a 90-degree rotated motherboard tray to provide not only more airflow pathways but also more efficient airflow pathways.

With the new fan trays being able to accept up to three 140mm or 120mm fans as well as up to a 420mm AIO Radiator the CTE chassis provides lots of options whether you choose Air, AIO, or DIY Liquid Cooling for your build. Since the motherboard tray has been rotated, direct intake airflow from each of the motherboard trays can more efficiently be directed toward components like the CPU and GPU and then exhausted with the assistance of natural convection. the system.

The image is for reference only.

Increased Thermal Efficiency through unconventional design.

The video is for reference only.

Maximized Intake

The rotation of the motherboard tray not only allows the CTE design to bring the CPU and GPU close to intake sources but goes one step further in providing them each their own intake sources with space for up to three 140mm/120mm fans or a radiator up to 420mm.

The video is for reference only.

Central Thermal Efficiency

Now that primary heat sources have been centralized in the chassis the additional intake located at the bottom of the case can also assist the dedicated exhaust at the top of the case in removing heat from the system. Combined with the shorter air pathways throughout the chassis the CTE line up is very good with intake and exhaust while still providing plenty of room to build in.

The video is for reference only.

Excellent Hardware Support & Cooling Solutions

Dual Chamber Storage

In the right chamber of CTE E600 MX Hydrangea Blue, you can put on up to two 3.5” hard drives in the HDD Cage and two 2.5” drives on the Drive Plate.

Drive Plate:
2.5” SSD x 2

HDD Cage:
3.5” HDD x 2

Optimal Cable Management

Thanks to the dual chamber design, the CTE E600 MX Hydrangea Blue offers ample space in the right chamber for effective cable management. Numerous anchor points are available in this chamber, complimented with Velcro straps and cable ties from the accessory box to insure a neat and organized setup.

Everything You Need Is Located In One Place

Two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, and HD Audio ports are placed on the top panel to grant direct access when needed.

Perfect Dust Protection

Fine mesh removable filters are located at the top, front, bottom, rear, and right side of the chassis to provide excellent protection from dust. With a simple magnet and notch design each filter can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Radiator Support List

All-in-One Cooling Compatibility List

  120mm 240mm 360mm 140mm 280mm 420mm
Top - - - -
(M/B Side)
Bottom - - - - - -

Custom Liquid Cooling Compatibility List

  120mm 240mm 360mm 140mm 280mm 420mm
Top - - - -
(M/B Side)

Fan Support List

Fan Support List

  120mm 140mm
Front 3 3
Top 2 -
Right 3 3
(M/B Side)
3 3
Bottom 3 3